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Binding and Finishing

Binding and Finishing

 Binding and Finishing

We cater almost every kind of binding that best suits your day-today requirements.

Coil Binding
1. Coil Binding

Coil Binding gives your report a very modern look. It is not only easy to use but durable as well. Perfect for proposals, software manuals and business reports. Coil binding allows documents to lay flat & be wrapped all the way around the spine for easy reading. It holds up to 290 sheets of 20lbs paper.

Wire “O” Binding
2. Wire “O” Binding

Wire “O” Binding is elegant and used for professional look and presentation. It is kind of European style. After punching, the pages are loaded into metallic wire and then closed in a circular/ring shape. This binding is perfect for banking and investment proposals, and for booklets for jewelry, diamonds and precious stones. It allows the pages to turn very easily. Furthermore, the book can lay completely flat when open. It holds up to 280 sheets of 20lbs paper.

Velo Binding – Strip Binding
3. Velo Binding – Strip Binding

Commonly used for legal documents and reports, this binding consists of a plastic comb inserted in the holes, and then sealed with a thin plastic strip for a tough binding support so that pages cannot be removed. This binding style does not open flat. It holds up to 450 sheets of 20lbs paper.

Spiral (Comb) Binding
4. Spiral (Comb) Binding

Spiral (Comb) Binding is one of the most popular styles. It offers utmost flexibility by being able to easily add or delete pages with a simple rebind, of a book. The spine of the plastic can be easily customized by printing to meet your specific needs (for volume books). It holds up to 425 sheets of 20lbs paper

Perfect Binding
5. Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is an economical way of massive binding. With this binding style, the spine of the book can be printed for easy identification. The book is compressed in a clamp and hot glue is applied to the spine and a cover is wrapped around the finished book; and is trimmed from three sides to give a perfect finish. Perfect binding is commonly used for soft covered or paperback textbooks and is also ideal for children, history, school, college and for any special representation using paperback. It holds up to 450 sheets of 20lbs paper.

Tape/Thermal Binding
6. Tape/Thermal Binding

Tape/Thermal Binding is similar to that of a paperback book. No hole punching is required. It is just a sturdy cloth with self-glue fused to the document. The spine of the book cannot be printed. It is also an inexpensive way of binding and recommended for short run and volume binding. It holds up to 450 sheets of 20lbs paper.

Booklet (Saddle Stitching)
7. Booklet (Saddle Stitching)

Booklet (Saddle Stitching) is a highly inexpensive way of binding. It is bound with 2 staples in the middle of the folded edge. It is commonly used for catalogs, newsletters, manuals